Debian/Ubuntu packages



  • Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT, 2005-present) provides C++ developers an extensive, portable and well-tested set of libraries and applications which cover the most common data structures and algorithms employed in a number of mobile robotics research areas: localization, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), computer vision and motion planning (obstacle avoidance).



  • The OpenMORA framework (2008-2014): Based on MOOS and MRPT.

Other Open-Source projects

  • Mechplot (2013): MATLAB library (toolkit) to render structures and mechanisms..


  • Maxwell-Boltzmann simulator (2012): A graphical simulator, with didactic purposes, which illustrates the Physics behind the kinetic theory of gasses and its relationship to probability distributions. Part of a Spanish Science blog article.
  • mooxygen (2009-2010): A tool which scans a directory tree containing MOOS modules and generates documentation about the variables that each module publishes or subscribes to, pretty much like doxygen does with functions and classes.
  • Eigen linear Algebra C++ library: Really, really recommendable library. I made insignificant contributions there but don't want to waste the opportunity to recommend it.
  • UTF-bom-utils (2009): Two small tools for adding and removing the UTF8 BOM marks to text files.
  • Particle filter resampling routines in MATLAB (2009): This package has been published in the MATLAB Central web.
  • The wxMathPlot library: This is a set of classes to allow the easy representation of scientific 2D graphs in GUI applications developed with the cross-platform wxWidgets framework. I made small contributions to this project. Visit the wxMathPlot main webpage at sourceforge.
  • OpenCV: I made some small contributions to this C/C++ library well known in the field of computer vision. Visit the project website for more information and downloads.
  • syncpath (2007): A cross-platform, open-source, lightweight command-line tool for synchronizing a source and a target directory. It can be used to synchronize two local directories in a machine, for example, a working directory and a backup in a removable device. Visit the sourceforge website to download the code or compiled versions.