End of MRPT GSoC 2018!

Posted on 23 August 2018 in misc

This year, Google assigned four (4) slots to our beloved MRPT project, with the aim of addressing these project ideas.

For one reason or another, things turned out that only one of the project made it throughout successfully, although all four students worked hard and demonstrated a good attitude and desire to contribute to Open Source Software.

For the records:

MRPT web screenshot

By: Rachit Tibrewal, @rachit173

Robots are slowly becoming a part of the internet of things, and easy control and universal access will be a step in future of robotics. MRPT’s Web Framework Library should address this problem.A lightweight publisher/subscriber mechanism needs to be created for MRPT. The C++ server library and the javascript library will then leverage this to create further applications. There will be two libraries, a C++ server library for RPC on the robot. Another will be a javascript library which provides modules for such procedure calls.This task involve serialization of existing mrpt objects for JSON transfer, RPC protocol, websocket setup, 3D rendering of objects in js, reusable js components for sending and receiving data from user created app where the user is largely benefitted from easy to use library methods and objects.

Final report link for this project.

mrpt-web-js JavaScript documentation link.