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Department of Informatics / Automatic, Robotics and Mechatronics research group

Modeling, control and optimization of microalgae-based processes

Here, contributions realted to modelling, control and optimization of large-scale photobioreactors for microalgae cultivation are presented. The main objective is to obtain adequate modelling and control approaches to contribute in better reproducible conditions with competitive market costs by analysing/simulating new photobioreactor designs, compensating for the permanent non-stationary behaviour of the processs, the presence of disturbances, taking advantage of nutrients provided by wastewater to the culture (mainly carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorous), removing any toxic metabolic products (e.g. CO2 mitigation), and controlling important internal cellular parameters (e.g. temperature, pH), in order to optimize the biomass production. The contributions presented here are thanks to a strong collaboration with the group of Francisco Gabriel Acien and collaborators.


More information about the facitlities can be found in [Link1] [Link2]

Tools and simulators



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Research Projects

  • Modelling and control of the combined process of microalgae production and wastewater treatment with industrial reactors (CALRESI) - DPI2017-84259-C2-1-R(Website link)
  • Control and optimization for the biomass production from microalgae as renewable energy source (PROBIOREN) - DPI2014-55932-C2-1-R(Website link)
  • Modelling, simulAtion, ContRol and Optimization of photoBIOrreactors (MACROBIO) - DPI2011-27818-C02-01(Website link)
  • Sustainable Algae Biorefinery for Agriculture and Aquaculture (SABANA)(Website link)
  • A knowledge-based training network for digitalisation of photosynthetic bioprocesses (Digitalgaesation)(Website link)

Contact data

Prof. José Luis Guzmán

Department of Informatics

System Engineering and Automatics area


Ctra. Sacramento s/n
04120, Almería

Building CITE III, Planta: 2, Office: 2.16.3
Phone: +34 950 21 4133
joguzman@ ual.es joseluis.guzman@ ual.es

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