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General Description of the Master's Degree

Master's Programme in English Studies: Professional Applications & Intercultural Communication

Description of the Master's Degree

The Master's Degree in English Studies is divided into three large blocks or modules:

– Module 1: Foundation Courses (18 credits). This first module, offered from October to December, is compulsory for all students enrolled for the Master's programme. It consists of six subjects (three credits each) aiming to lay the foundations of key issues in sociocultural, linguistic or communicative fields of the English language while, at the same time, offering advanced research techniques for coursework papers and the Master's Thesis.

– Module 2 [Itinerary I]: Teaching and Research Itinerary (42 credits). Subjects are scheduled to start in early January and extend to the end of May. It consists of ten three-credit subjects followed up by a twelve-credit Master's thesis (Trabajo Fin de Máster) based on a topic chosen by the student in consultation with their academic advisor. The student will work directly under the guidance of their advisor with whom he/she will have periodic meetings regarding their project. This Module (and itinerary) is recommended for students whose main objective is to devote themselves to teaching and research (for example, continuing with a doctoral dissertation).

– Module 3 [Itinerary II]: Professional Applications Itinerary (42 credits). This Module classes will be offered simultaneously with Module 2 classes. This Module consists of eight three-credit subjects and a four-week externship/ internship (twelve credits) period during which the student will have to develop a full-time practice in an approved (public or private) site. Students enrolled for this itinerary will also have to submit a six-credit Master's thesis (Trabajo Fin de Máster) based on a topic chosen by the student in consultation with their academic advisor. This Module (and itinerary) is intended for students whose main goal is to seek work in the private sector. After completion of all course work and Master's thesis defence, Itinerary II students Itinerary who wish to continue doctorate studies will request approval by the International Doctoral School. In addition, they will have to be enrolled for at least a three-credit subject of the core area courses (foundation courses) and write up a twelve-credit Master's thesis (Module 2) under the supervision of a faculty member and in compliance of academic regulations in itinerary I.

Any student may be registered for all sixty (60) academic credits toward its completion in one academic year; or they may be registered for half of the load—(30) academic credits—in order to complete their graduate studies in two academic years. Should this be the case, the student may neither be enrolled for externship/ internship credits nor any credits leading towards the completion of the Master's thesis.

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Upcoming Events in the Master's Programme:

– November exams – Examination period:   2 - 19 November 2021.

Master's Thesis Submission Deadline (November Defence Period):  12 November 2021.

– Master's Thesis Defence (November Defence Period):  18 November 2021.

– Beginning of second term classes:  12 January 2022.