18th ECIS Conference____________________________________________________________________________


1. Colloidal Phenomena in Dilute Systems

(interactions, aggregation, overcharging, electrokinetics, ...)

2. Dense Colloids and Rheology

(glasses, phase transitions, rheology, ...)

3. Polymer, Polyelectrolytes and Gels

4. Liquid Crystals, Surfactants and Emulsions

(including micro and miniemulsions, ...)

5. Interface Science

(statics and dynamics of 2D systems, interfacial forces, ...)

6. Microfluidics and Porous Systems

7. Novel Colloids and Industrial Application

8. Hierarchically Organized and Biological Systems

(colloidosomes, cubosomes, biomedical applications, ...)

_____________________________________________________________________September 19-24, 2004Almerķa