Coordinator: Andrei Martínez Finkelshtein

Beginning: January 1, 2012

End: December 31, 2015


This project combines both ambitious goals in fundamental research on orthogonal polynomials, of one and several variables, special functions and their analytic and structural properties, with the applications of this knowledge in other branches of mathematics (stochastic processes, combinatorics, numerical analysis), physics (statistical physics, integrable systems, quantum mechanics, quantum computation), and technology (signal processing and diagnostic tools in ophthalmology, with applications in clinical practice).

Some of the problems to be tackled are:


Subproject MTM2011-28952-C02-01:

"Special functions and Approximation Theory: applications in Science and Technology" (SFAT-ST)

Subproject MTM2011-28952-C02-02:

"Multivariate orthogonal polynomials. Structural properties and applications" (POMPEYA)

  • Andrei Martínez-Finkelshtein (Universidad de Almería), principal investigator
  • Juan José Moreno Balcázar (Universidad de Almería)
  • Pedro Martínez González (Universidad de Almería) 
  • Darío Ramos López (Universidad de Almería)
  • Leandro Moral Ledesema (Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • María José Cantero Medina (Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Luis F. Velázquez Campoy (Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Alejandro Zarzo Altarejos (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • A. B. J. Kuijlaars (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)


List of publications: follow this link.
List of publications: follow this link.