Special functions and orthogonal polynomials

Workshop A6 at FoCM'11

July 4-6, 2011
Budapest, Hungary


Peter A. Clarkson
University of Kent, United Kingdom

Andrei Martínez-Finkelshtein
University of Almería, Spain

Kerstin Jordaan
University of Pretoria, South Africa

The workshop is part of the triennial FoCM conference series, organized by the Society for Foundations of Computational Mathematics
hosted by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, July 4-14, 2011.

This workshop focuses both on basic research and computational aspects of orthogonal polynomials and special functions, as well as on the application of this subject in other parts of mathematics and general science. A partial list of topics is: linear and nonlinear special functions; algebraic and analytic theory of special functions and orthogonal polynomials; connections with integrable systems; Painlevé equations; asymptotic methods; computational and numerical methods; approximation theory; random matrix theory; potential theory.



Bernhard Beckermann (Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France): Superlinear convergence of the rational Arnoldi method for matrix functions
Pavel Bleher (Purdue University Indianapolis, USA): Random matrix model with external source and a constraint equilibrium problem
Folkmar Bornemann (Technische Universität München, Germany): Don’t be afraid of the 1001st (numerical) derivative
Jonathan Breuer (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel): Nonintersecting paths with a staircase initial condition
Alfredo Deańo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain): Partition function and free energy in the cubic random matrix model
Ioana Dumitriu (University of Washington, USA): Random graphs and Chebyshev polynomials
Rod Halburd (University College London, UK): Continuous and discrete special functions from the self-dual Yang-Mills equations
Tamara Grava (SISSA Trieste, Italy): Universality in Hamiltonian PDEs
Francisco Marcellán (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain): Quadratic decomposition of orthogonal polynomials, Stieltjes functions and Laguerre-Hahn linear functionals
Ana C. Matos (Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France): Equilibrium problems for vector potentials with semidefinite interaction matrices and constrained masses
Sheehan Olver (University of Oxford, UK): Computing Painlevé II in the complex plane
Henrik L. Petersen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark): The Gamma function from a complex perspective
Sarah Post (Center of Research in Mathematics, Montreal, Canada): Two-variable Wilson polynomials and the generic superintegrable system on the 3-sphere
Vilmos Totik (University of South Florida, USA, and University of Szeged, Hungary): Doubling measures and zeros of orthogonal polynomials
Walter Van Assche (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium): Orthogonal polynomials on a bi-lattice
Luis Velázquez (University of Zaragoza, Spain): Orthogonal polynomials and quantum walks


July 4July 5July 6
9:00-10:00Carlos BeltránHans Munthe-KaasDave Donoho
Coffee break
10:30-11:30László LovászMichael OvertonAlberto Grünbaum
14:00-14:45Ana MatosVilmos TotikTamara Grava
14:50-15:10Bernhard BeckermannLuiz VelasquezFolkmar Bornemann
15:15-15:35Alfredo Deańo
15:40-16:25Pavel M. Bleher Walter Van AsscheSarah Post
Coffee break
17:00-17:45Ioana Dumitriu Rod HalburdJonathan Breuer
17:50-18:35Francisco MarcellánSheehan OlverHenrik Pedersen

                                In boldface: plenary and semi-plenary speakers

Talk abstracts (pdf): click here

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