Recursos para traductores
Resources for translators

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Translation Industry Career Guide  with a wide variety of useful online free resources for translators and translation students

Frank Dietz’s Home Page

A great selection of English and German monolingual and bilingual on-line glossaries in various subject areas.

The Electric Editors

A UK-based Web resource for publishing professionals and linguists, with

interesting links, a macro library, and other services. It is also the home of three

mailing lists, dealing with publishing, languages, and computers.

Glenn’s Guide to Translation Agencies

This home to Glenn’s Guide to Translation Agencies also contains useful

advice to beginning translators, links to dictionaries and databases, reference

resources, information on specific countries, and much more!

DictSearch—Alberto Fontaneda’s Home Page

An excellent collection of on-line monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. Also links

to a number of natural language processing software vendors.

Jobs for German Linguists

To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE u-jobs to the above address.

Michael Gierhake’s Language and Translation Links

A translator’s treasure trove of glossaries, dictionaries, search engines, and more.

The Human Languages Page

One of the most comprehensive Web sites featuring translation- and

language-related links, classified into linguistic, commerical, educational, etc.


Le Journal

A publication of the Language Engineering sector of the European Commission’s

Telematics Applications Program (LINGLINK Project). This on-line publication

features weekly news items from all areas of language-related technologies. A

search page makes it easy to find the relevant article by keyword, application,

technology, language, or article type.

Marcia Klingensmith’s Home Page

Translation companies, translators’ organizations, and other resources.

The Language Hub

Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries in 136 languages.

Language International

"Demo" version of the well-known and excellent Language International

magazine of John Benjamins Publishers, The Netherlands. Summaries of articles

from current and back issues, subscription information, classified ads,

language-related links.

Page d’agrégation d’anglais

A delightful bilingual potpourri of links, poems, trivia, articles, etc. about language

and translation from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

Rancho Park Editors

A collection of links to translators’ organizations, dictionaries, glossaries, and

other resources.

Harald Rebling’s Home Page

A site with lots of interesting links to on-line dictionaries, free machine translation,

translators wanted, and other resources.

Trados Links for Translators

Interesting translators’ links with monthly updates.

The Translator’s Home Companion

Translators’ Web resources. Lots of useful links, Database of NCTA translators and translation companies, dictionary reviews, etc., etc.

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