María Dolores Roldán Tapia, PhD

María Dolores
Roldán Tapia

Musician, cooperant, scientist... apprentice.
I define myself as an extremely curious person,
always in the process of learning,
looking for new worlds, new motivations.
I am a fan of justice.
That's why I became a cooperant and
joined to the NGO AdS.
Science is one of the best ways to transform
the world, to democratize knowledge in order
to reduce inequalities.

About Me

Professor of Neuropsychology since 2012 in the area of Psycholobiology at the University of Almeria, she has focused her training and interests since her beginnings as a research fellow in training and research in the field of neuropsychological assessment in different areas: from the application to the field of toxicology (neuropsychological deficits due to pesticide poisoning), to the evaluation of neuropsychological sequelae of premature children and children in disadvantaged environments (moderate malnutrition). She has participated in two international projects (Calypsos and ReculM, as researcher) and in several cooperation projects in Senegal and Ethiopia (also as researcher). In recent years she has focused her research mainly in the field of measuring cognitive reserve and its relationship with different cognitive domains. As a result of this area of work, she has directed a doctoral thesis, published 7 articles (2 of them Q1), a book chapter, the adaptation and validation of the scale in 8 countries. Given the applied nature of the discipline, she has collaborated with private and public entities and companies as a consultant and evaluator. She has participated as a researcher in different projects, has three sexenios of research, 4 theses directed, director of 25 master's theses, several research stays in centers all of them with regional or national funding (the last one, 2017 Salvador de Madariaga program). She has directed a prematurity project of the FiBAO Foundation and two research projects in development with AECID. She has coordinated an intervention project related to neurodevelopment and malnutrition in the Afar region Ethiopia, with ONGd Amigos de Silva. Author of 23 indexed articles and 8 book chapters.


University of Almeria

Health Sciences Building

Neuroscience Pavilion, Office 2.01

La Cañada de San Urbano s/n

Almería, Spain 04120

Education & Training



    1987 - 1990
    Degree Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University Complutense of Madrid
    1990 - 1992
    Master in General Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University Complutense of Madrid
    1995 - 1997
    Master in Neuroscience, International University of Andalusia, Spain


    1996 - 2000
    PhD Neurosciences, University Granada / Almería
    Oct. 2000
    THESIS, Title: Neuropsychological effect of chronic exposure or poisoning to inhibitors of cholinesterase pesticides. Director: : D. Fernando Sánchez Santed University of Almeria


    2007 - 2009 / 2015 - 2017
    Director of International Cooperation, University of Almería
    2008 - 2018
    Professional music diploma with a specialization in Flute. and Lyric Song. School of Music and Arts, Almería.

Recent Publications

Gamification as Online Teaching Strategy During COVID-19: A Mini-Review
Nieto-Escamez FA, Roldán-Tapia MD
doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.648552
Psychometric properties of the Italian version of the Cognitive Reserve Scale (I-CRS).
Altieri M, Siciliano M, Pappacena S, Roldán-Tapia MD, Trojano L, Santangelo G.
doi: 0.1007/s10072-018-3432-0
Cognitive Vulnerability in Aging May Be Modulated by Education and Reserve in Healthy People.
Roldán-Tapia MD, Cánovas R, León I, García-Garcia J.
doi: 10.3389/fnagi.2017.00340


    Support for Social inclusion, Specific Educational Needs and Improvement of Basic Skills for prisoners in Europe.
    Role of expertise: Co-responsible the Intellectual Output 2& 3.
    FUNDING FROM: Erasmus + (European Union)
    DURATION FROM: 01/01/2017 TO -10/12/2018
    Countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal
    UNESCO CODE: 611202/610601/320105
    The refugee crisis’ training needs for cultural mediators) (Role of the applicant: Development the Module 2 of MOOC.
    Role of expertise: Co-responsible the Intellectual Output 2& 3.
    FUNDING FROM: Erasmus +
    DURATION FROM: 2016 TO 2018
    Countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
    UNESCO CODE: 611202/610601/
  • Impact analysis of microcredits system in socioeconomic, health and educational context in women of Senegal
    Role of the applicant: Expertise: Impact analysis of Health.
    FUNDING FROM: AECID (Spanish Agency of Cooperation and Development)
    DURATION FROM: 01/01/2010 TO 2012
    MAIN RESEARCHER: Jose Angel Aznar
    UNESCO CODE:611202/610601/
  • Visuoperceptive and executive syndrome in preterm children
    FUNDING FROM: Spanish Ministry of Science and Education
    DURATION FROM: 01/01/2007 TO 01/01/2009
    MAIN RESEARCHER: María Dolores Roldán
    UNESCO CODE: 610202/ 32010
  • Neurodevelopmental deficit in malnourished Ethiopian children
    FUNDING FROM: Foundation Cajamar
    DURATION FROM: 01/01/2012 TO 01/01/2014
    MAIN RESEARCHER: María Dolores Roldán
    UNESCO CODE: 610202/ 320105
  • Memory and hippocampus: analysis by means technics of virtual reality and strategies of spatial orientation
    Role of the applicant: Analysis of different patients with hippocampal lesions
    FUNDING FROM: Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Education
    DURATION FROM: 1/01/2012 TO 30/06/2015
    MAIN RESEARCHER: Cimadevilla Redondo, Jose Manuel
    UNESCO CODE: 3211/6101.04/6103.07
  • Immediate inferences in children and adults: influence of true and false in the deduction
    Role of the applicant: Analysis of children’s reasoning ability
    FUNDING FROM: Research and Development Plan. Spanish Goverment
    DURATION FROM: 01/01/2011 TO 31/12/2014
    MAIN RESEARCHER: Sergio Moreno Ríos
    UNESCO CODE: 320105/610202

Patents and knowledge transfer

  • ECR (Cognitive Reserve Scale)
  • VR-HAT software
    To measure semantic memory in highly demanding tasks
    RehabIlitation program for preterm children

Contact map

Chile Brazil Colombia EEUU Ethiopia Palestine Greece Spain Spain Italy Bosnia Slovakia Denmark Sweden


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Music is my passion, I don't know if I define myself more as a neuroscientist or as a singer and musician. I studied music at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Almería. Flute and Lyrical Singing.

Playing the flute

I also like sports, varied but never in a team. I like to practice aikido, play tennis, water sports... and always ready for any challenge.

My heart is in Africa. I have travelled to different countries, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Senegal, the Maghreb, but one year I went to Ethiopia, to Addis Adeba. And I fell in love with AdS, an NGO specialised in nutrition and access to drinking water in the heart of Ethiopia.

I have generated different projects where I have mixed science and cooperation (Malnutrition and Neurodevelopment).

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