Hopf algebras and tensor categories

University of Almería (Spain), July 4-8, 2011



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Getting to hotels:

Hotels listed in the web page are in the city center. Here there is a map of the city center where hotels locations are indicated.

From the airport to hotels and back:

Taxi: The easiest way is to take a taxi, which costs about 15 euros. Since many of you are probably coming in the same flight from Madrid and the chances you know each other are high, sharing a taxi could be convenient.

Bus: There is a bus stop to the left of entrance/exit doors in the arrivals area of the airport. Take bus number 20. To be sure you are on the way to the city center ask the driver. Get off at last stop, called 'Gregorio Marañon'. This stop is indicated in the above map (number 1 inside green circle) and there you can see the way to your hotel. All hotels are walking distance from here. By clicking here you can see this bus' timetable.

To go to the airport on your departure day you can take the same bus in this stop.

From the bus-train station to hotels:

All hotels are walking distance from the bus-train station. Look at the map. Hotel NH Ciudad de Almería, Hotel Embajador and Gran Hotel Almería are easily reached by foot. For the rest of hotels, if your luggage is not light, then it would be convenient to take a taxi.  

Getting to the university:

The university is 5 km far from the city center and the buses take about 25 minutes.

You can take either bus 11 or 18. They pass every 20 minutes.

Bus no. 11: You can take it in the following stops, marked in the map inside green circles. 

Obispo Orberá (number 2 in the map).

Puerta Purchena (number 3 in the map).

Paseo Casino (number 4 in the map).


Bus no. 18: You can take it in:

Puerta Purchena.

Paseo Casino.


Once in the bus stop of the university campus, you will see signs guiding you to the conference venue. You can also use this campus map.


Back from the university:

You can take either bus 12 or 18. They pass every 20 minutes.

Bus no. 12: You can get off at any of the following 2 stops in Avda. Federico García Lorca (mostly known as 'La Rambla'). The first one is 'Oliveros' (number 5 inside green circle in the map) and the next one is 'Stella Maris' (number 6 inside green circle in the map).

Bus no. 18: You can get off at the same stops as for bus no. 12 and also in Obispo Orberá. When you take this bus in the university campus, be sure you take the one on the way to the city center. 

Bus ticket: The price of a ticket is 1 euro and you can buy it on the bus. In bus stop marked in the map as number 1 there is  kiosk where you can buy a ticket for 10 trips that costs 6.90 euros. To access the web page of the bus company click here (in Spanish).


Getting to Almería:

Here you can find some useful information to organize your trip to Almería. Almería is placed in the southeast corner of Spain, surrounded by Málaga, Granada and Murcia. Madrid and Barcelona are around 500 and 800kms far respectively.  

Standard way: The usual way to get to Almería from abroad is via Madrid or Barcelona. There are several daily Iberia flights connecting Almería to these cities. Please check Iberia web page for schedules.

There are train and bus connections to Madrid either. Train takes approximately 6 hours and a half. Please click here for timetable. Buses take longer depending on the route (7 hours minimum). Please click here, here (in Spanish) and here for timetable.

There are bus connections to Barcelona but it takes very long (13 hours minimum). Please click here for timetable.

Malaga's airport: Malaga's airport is one of the largest airports in Spain and has many international flights, specially with European cities. Malaga is around 200kms far from Almería. There is a bus connection between Almería and Malaga. Please check here for schedule. Direct buses take a bit more than 3 hours.

Almería's airport: Due to touristic reasons there are many charter flights to Almería, specially in summer, from many cities in the north of Europe like Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, etc. It is worthy to check with your travel agency about these flights if one of these cities is close to yours.  

If you have any question or doubt in the preparation of your travel to Almería, please do not hesitate to ask Juan Cuadra.