Summer School on String Topology
and Hochschild Homology;
Applications to Mathematical Physics

University of Almería, September 16-20, 2003

Information for participants

Last update September 12, 2003.

ATM 2003

An international conference on Algebraic Topology and the 2003 GDRE Meeting will be held in Málaga from September 9 to 15, just the week before this event. A bus arranged by the organization will take those interested participants arriving at 18:00 at the "Apartamentos la Maestranza".

Of course, there are regular buses departing from Málaga's bus station. Here is the corresponding time teble and also the one for the trip Almería-Málaga.

From Málaga to Almería (Telf. 952 318295)
Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
03:15 (5h trip) 03:15 (5h) 03:15 (5h)
07:00 (5h) 07:00 (5h) 07:00 (5h)
9:00 (3:30h) 9:00 (3:30h) 9:00 (3:30h)
11:00 (5h) 11:00 (5h) 11:00 (5h)
13:00 (5h) 13:00 (5h) 13:00 (5h)
14:30 (3:30h) 14:30 (3:30h) 14:30 (3:30h)
15:30 (5h) 15:30 (5h) 15:30 (5h)
17:00 (5h) 17:00 (5h) 17:00 (5h)
19:00 (4h)   19:00 (4h)
From Almería to Málaga (Telf. 950 23 8197)
Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
6:30 (4h trip)    
8:00 (5h) 8:00 (5h) 8:00 (5h)
9:00 (3:30h) 9:00 (3:30h) 9:00 (3:30h)
10:30 (5h) 10:30 (5h) 10:30 (5h)
13:00 (5h) 13:00 (5h) 13:00 (5h)
15:30 (3:30h) 15:30 (3:30h) 15:30 (3:30h)
16:30 (5h) 16:30 (5h) 16:30 (5h)
19:00 (4h) 19:00 (4h) 19:00 (4h)
    20:30 (4h)
23:00 (5h) 23:00 (5h) 23:00 (5h)

You can also drive from Málaga to Almería by the N-340 (3h). Consult this access map. To get Almería center take the first one you find: "Parque-Puerto".

Comming from other cities:

GRANADA: Almería is well connected to Granada by train (2h) and also by coach (2h) (if you drive it is just 1h30, by the Autovia 92). Please visit the homepage to obtain timetables and prices. If you drive from Granada, consult this access map. To get Almería center take access "Federico Garcia Lorca".

MURCIA, ALICANTE, ...: You can also come from many other cities of north-east of Spain by coach, see The "Autovía del Mediterráneo" connects all main cities of the mediterranean cost of east Spain. Consult this access map.

MADRID, BARCELONA: There are regular flights from Madrid and Barcelona (IBERIA).

EUROPE: At the time of the summer school Almería is connected by many charter flights with several European cities: Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Dresden and Berlin (CONDOR, LUFTHANSA, HAPAG LLOYD, AERO-LLOYD and GERMANIA); London, Belfast, Birmingham, Dublin and Manchester (BRITANNIA, AIRTOURS, TLA and MONARCH); Brussels (SOBELAIR and VIRGIN). Other new connections might be available at this time. Please consult your travel agency.

In Almería: A taxi from Almería's airport to the hotel costs about 10-12 Euro, and 2-3 Euro from the Estación Intermodal (bus-train station).

GENERAL INFORMATION: Bus station in Almería 950 210029


Participants are expected to arrive on Monday, September 15, and leave on Sunday, September 21. You can check here your assignated hotel, your arrival and depature dates, and also if you are taking the transfer buses Málaga - Almería and Málaga - Almería.


Hotel Torreluz III ***
Address: Plaza Flores 3 (old center). Tel.: 950 234399.
double (35 Eur/person)
single (52 Eur)
Hotel Torreluz II **
Address: Plaza Flores 3. Tel.: 950 234399.
double (27,50 Eur/person)
single (39 Eur)

Hostal Bristol ** (CANCELLED!)
Address: Plaza San Sebastián, 8 (old center). Tel.: 950 231595.

double (18,03 Eu/person)
single (24,04 Eur)
Hostal Delfín Verde *
Address: Garcia Cañas, 2 (Zapillo). Tel.: 950 267927.
double (22,5 Eur/person)
single (24 Eur)

Hotel Perla **
Address: Plaza del Carmen, 7 (old center). Tel. : 950 238877.

double (20 Eur/person)

See the situation of these hotels in the maps old center or beach quarter "El Zapillo".


How to get the campus:

From the hotel Torreluz or Perla: There are buses (number 18) with stops in the "Paseo de Almería", near these hotels, at 7:56, 8:16, 8:36, 8:56, etc (i.e. every 20 minutes) and it takes 20-25 minutes to reach the campus. The same bus stops at the "Avenida Cabo de Gata" near the Hostal Delfín Verde, 5-10 minutes later. In your hotel, the recepcionist will give you one bus-card (with 10 trips) per participant. You can recharge this card on the same bus. Please, do not forget to return this card to the hotel.

The lecture room:

Lectures will be held in Aula 1 of the Edificio Departamental de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación I (building 8, the only blue square in the map of the campus). The reception of participants will begin at 9:00 on Tuesday 16, in the main entrance of this building.