Alberto Andújar Vaca

Master's Programme in English Studies: Professional Applications & Intercultural Communication

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(+34) 950 214 4716


Humanities Building II, 2.74


Ph.D. in English Philology (University of Almeria)

Licenciatura in English Philology (University of Granada/ Queen Mary University)

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Teaching Innovation Groups

Classcraft como herramienta de gamificación en el aula universitaria de lengua extranjera


Alberto Andújar Vaca holds a Ph.D. in English Philology by the University of Almería. He studied his higher education at Queen Mary University and at the University of Granada. His research is focused on English teaching through technology as well as evaluation, as coordinator of the hallmark ACLES. Currently, his teaching is related to English language and its professional and academic approaches. Simultaneously, he teaches course in the Master's Programme of Teaching in Secondary Education and in the Master's Programme in English Studies. He is a member of the research group HUM 859 “English Language: Applied Linguistics and Literary Studies.”

Research Topics

Virtual Learning

Mobile-assisted language learning

Computer-assisted language learning

Language testing

Courses taught in the Master's Programme

Computer Applications in English Translations  (Module 1)

Latest academic publications

Andújar , Alberto. “Mobile-mediated dynamic assessment: A new perspective for second language development.” ReCALL (2020): 1-17

Andújar, Alberto, María Sagrario Salaberri-Ramiro and María Soledad Cruz Martínez. “Integrating Flipped Foreign Language Learning through Mobile Devices: Technology Acceptance and Flipped Learning Experience." Sustainability, 12.3 (2020): np

Andújar, Alberto and Fatima Zahra Nadif. “Evaluating an inclusive blended learning environment in EFL: A flipped approach.”  Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2020.

Andújar, Alberto and Sardar Hussein. “Mobile-mediated communication and students' listening skills: a case study.” International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation, 13.3 (2019): 309-332.

Andújar, Alberto. “Exploring new ways of eTandem and telecollaboration through the WebRTC protocol: Students engagement and perceptions.” International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), vol. 14, no. 5 (2019): 200-219.

Andújar, Alberto. “Shaping the Future of Telecollaboration: Web RTC. In Educational Technology and Resources for Synchronous Learning in Higher Education,” IGI Global. (2019): 151-172.

Alberto Andújar Vaca


950 214 716

      Humanities II,

      Office no. 2.74